Other Taxes

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Cigarette Tax Increase: Floor Inventory Required

TIM 2017-04

Cigarette Tax Rate Increase (Legislative Summary)

TIM 2004-01

Cigarette Tax Rate Increase

TIM 2003-01

Revised Wholesale Dealers Monthly Report

TIM 2001-02

Revised Cigarette Reporting Form - Non-Participating Manufacturers

TIM 2002-01

Tobacco Product Tax (Legislative Summary)

TIM 2000-06

Revised Cigarette Reporting Forms

TIM 2000-03

DE Tobacco Settlement Act of 1999, HB 180

TIM 1999-4

Regulations Vending Machines

TIM 1996-3

Tobacco Product Sales

TIM 1996-1

Regulations Wholesaler

TIM 1993-7

Regulations Wholesaler

TIM 1986-8

Tobacco Distributors - Rescinds Tech Info Memo 86-4

TIM 1986-7

Tobacco Products Tax Regulations - Regulations, Effect 10/1/86 (RESCINDED BY TIM 86-7)

TIM 1986-4

License from fiscal to calendar year and increased license fees

Tax Newsgram 76-6

Non-Cigarette Products, HB 745

Tax Newsgram 86-5

Computation of Gross Receipts - Cigarette Wholesaler

Tax Newsgram 75-14

Reduce GR by taxes paid for tobacco products to State. HB 741, 708

Tax Newsgram 74-5

Unfair Cigarette Sales Act 1974

Tax Newsgram 73-18

Unfair Cigarette Sales Act Reg. (Establish Minimum Prices)(HB 415 127th General Assembly)

Tax Newsgram 73-19