Other Taxes

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Repeals Inh Tax, HB 771

TIM 98-7

Annuities (Amendment)

Tax Ruling 81-2

Annuities $100,000 Limit

TIM 84-1


TIM 84-6

Certificate of Clearance (TABD)

TIM 89-1

Code Changes Liens; exemption of pension, profit sharing, stock bonus plans;

TIM 98-7

Code Changes credit for previously tax property

TIM 2000-6

Estate Tax if federal return required, HB 771

TIM 97-4

Pass-through entities, HB 651

Tax Newsgram 71-13

Exclusions raised, HB 403

Tax Newsgram 76-13

Exercise of General Power of Appointment (T.A.B.D.)

TIM 97-6 Proposed

Gifts in Contemplation of Death

TIM 85-6

Life Insurance Exempt

Tax Newsgram 72-22

Rates Increase, HB 508

TIM 85-6

Increase Exemption Level

TIM 86-5

Class B, HB 560

TIM 86-5

Class B, HB 560

TIM 85-6

Spousal Exclusion, SB 270

Director's Ruling 73-2

Tables of Mortality (Eff.11/01/73) (Eff.12/01/83)

Tax Ruling 83-4

Tax Returns (Form 600)

Tax Ruling 77-9

Valuation of Interests in Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Tax Ruling 77-5

Valuation of Certain Farm Real Estate

Tax Ruling 79-5