Personal Income Tax

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Accounting Period, §444 IRC

TIM 88-2

Adjusted Gross Income, Fed. Joint

Tax Newsgram 72-23

Business Income, Form 800

TIM 93-2

Credit $100, SB 271

TIM 96-8

Definition NESTOA Cooperative Agreement

TIM 96-9 Revised

Estimated Returns

TIM 83-3

Itemized Deductions Section 1109(a)(1) 80% limitation

TIM 83-3

Clarifies TIM 91-5

TIM 92-1

Section 1109(a)(1)Computation of Percentage Allowed

TIM 91-5

Delaware Adjusted Gross Income - Itemized Deductions

Tax Newsgram 72-27

Itemized Deductions

Tax Newsgram 72-32

Application of Proration Percent

Tax Newsgram 72-56

Computation of Proration Percent

Tax Newsgram 73-5

Computation of Proration Percent

Information Circular 73-10

Non-Taxable Income Property, pension, savings interest

Tax Newsgram 72-39

Days Worked Out of State

Information Circular 76-2

Term. Incentive Payments

Tax Ruling 82-7

Term. Incentive Payments

TIM 83-2

One Spouse Non-Resident

Special Revenue Instruction #3

Taxable Income Revokes Info Circular 74-1

Information Circulat 76-2

Annual & Sick Leave on Retirement

Tax Ruling 82-2

Termination (Voluntary) of Incentive Payments - taxable

Tax Ruling 82-7


TIM 83-2

Withholding Worksheet Form W-4NR

TIM 91-6