Other Taxes

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Adds 1154(3) requires monthly deposits

Tax Newsgram 72-7


Tax Newsgram 71-11

Corp. over $5000/month

TIM 83-3

Date of Filing Returns

TIM 87-1

Lookback Period

TIM 96-4

Quarterly Filing, SB 457

TIM 86-5

Electronic Filing

TIM 96-4

Electronic Filing

TIM 96-8

Employer Requirement re EIC

TIM 98-7

Exemption Certificates

Tax Ruling 80-4

Exemption Certificates

Tax Ruling 83-3

Individual Income Tax

Tax Newsgrams 75-17

Individual Income Tax

TIM 86-2

W-2 reporting

W-2 and 1099 reporting FAQs

Military Retirees - Other Renumeration

Tax Newsgram 72-3

Out-of-State Employers

Tax Newsgram 73-9

Penalty - Late Filed Returns "Reasonable Cause" Waive Penalty Validity of Notice (TABD)

TIM 84-6

Rates - Effective 01/01/2000

TIM 99-2

Rates - Effective 01/01/1999

TIM 96-4

Rates - Effective 01/01/1997

TIM 84-5


Tax Ruling 80-01

Regulations - Student Summer Employees

Tax Newsgram 72-30

Use of Fed. Form W-4 Rev. Child Care Credit, Care of Elderly

Tax Ruling 77-3

W-4 Allowances for State Purposes Worksheet SD/W4-A

TIM 87-5