This option allows the taxpayer to initiate an ACH transaction through their depository, with the ACH Credit option, you initiate an ACH Credit to the state’s bank account for the amount of tax owed.

To initiate an ACH Credit Transaction, you must first contact your bank to determine the origination methods they offer, as well as, their costs. As the originator of these transactions, you will bear the cost.

The ACH Credit transaction is required to be submitted using the standard CCD+ format that has been developed for all states using the electronic collection of taxes.

TXP Addenda Format specifications, and the applicable bank account information will be mailed to taxpayers after the ACH Authorization agreement has been processed.


This option allows the taxpayer to initiate a Federal Reserve Wire Transfer for the amount of tax owed. This option is permitted only on an exception basis and in cases in which the ACH Debit or Credit option was tried and found unsuccessful. Fedwires are for emergencies only; approval is required prior to initiation.

Federal Reserve Wire Transfers are generally much higher in cost than the cost of an ACH Credit or Debit. The State of Delaware will not pay the cost of the Fedwires.