Each barcode is:

  • ABC C39 Short font (or any barcode font that fits and is read-able)
  • 20 point
  • 15 Characters (including asterisks)

The barcode format for Delaware is *DFIIIYYPPVVVV*:

  • *DF – these three characters are standard on every form
  • III – the 3 digit form ID (assigned by Division of Revenue - PIT Form IDs, BT Form IDs
  • YY – the year form template was last changed
  • PP – page number
  • VVVV – 4 digit NACTP vendor ID (provided to the Division of Revenue by the vendor)
  • * - this closing asterisk is standard on every form

Example: A monthly or quarterly withholding coupon's barcode is *DF60013019991* (the vendor code is "9991" in this instance).

Please email DE_DOR_Forms@state.de.us with questions.