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Assistance and Questions

If you have a question about your tax bill, you should either call the telephone number on your tax bill or (302) 577-8208 from New Castle County or out of Delaware or 1 (800) 292-7826 from Kent or Sussex Counties.

Free Publication and Forms

To order any Division of Revenue free taxpayer information publications, tax forms, or forms and instructions that are mentioned throughout this publication, call (302) 577-8200 or toll-free 1-800-292-7826 (in-state). Or, you may write to the Division of Revenue, Office of Public Service, 820 N. French Street, Wilmington, DE 19801.

Your Rights

When dealing with the Division of Revenue, you have the right to be treated fairly, professionally, promptly, and courteously by Division of Revenue employees.

When You Do Not Agree With Decisions of Division of Revenue Employee

If at any step of the collection process you do not agree with the recommendation of a Division of Revenue employee, you have the right to an administrative review of the matter with the employee’s supervisor. At your request, the employee will either arrange for you to meet with the supervisor or tell you the supervisor’s name and where to contact him or her.

Who Can Represent You In Division of Revenue Matters

You may represent yourself or you may have an attorney, certified public accountant, enrolled agent or any person enrolled to practice before the Delaware Division of Revenue represent you. For example, you may want your tax preparer to respond to a tax bill that you believe is not correct.

To authorize another person to have access to your Delaware tax information you must complete Delaware form 8821DE.   The IRS form 2848 cannot be accepted for Delaware purposes. You may obtain this form online at:  https://revenuefiles.delaware.gov/docs/TY17_8821de_e.pdf

Sharing Your Tax Information

Under the law, we can share your tax information with city and federal tax agencies, and in some cases, the Department of Justice, other state agencies, and persons you authorize.

Receiving Receipts For Payments You Made To Division of Revenue

The Delaware Division of Revenue will provide you with a receipt when you pay in cash. You have the right to ask for and receive a receipt for all payments you make. You also have the right to receive copies or confirmation of all contractual arrangements (such as an installment agreement) that you make with us.

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