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Delaware’s Delinquent Taxpayers


Welcome to the Delaware Division of Revenue’s Delinquent Taxpayers web page.

The purpose of this web page is to publish those individuals and businesses who have one or more unpaid tax liens with the Delaware Division of Revenue, which they have failed to repay or arrange to repay despite repeated attempts by the Division to resolve this matter.

Our records indicate that the following taxpayers are currently not paying their State of Delaware tax liabilities. Under ยง 359(b), Title 30 of the Delaware Code, the Division is required to publicly disclose an individual or business’ unpaid tax liability information until one of the following occurs; the taxpayer

  • Pays their debt in full;Image of an envelope
  • Provides proof of payment;
  • Provides proof of bankruptcy;
  • Enters into an acceptable installment agreement.

Delinquent Taxpayer Lists

If your name or business appears in any of the lists above, please contact the Delaware Division of Revenue’s Account Management Department at (302) 577-8785 and ask to speak to your account assignee.

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